Intelligent City

Smart Public Safety

ULSee integrates globally advanced AI technology to improve the public security in large traffic spots. The solution also helps combat the Covid-19 with prompt large-scale temperature measurements at high accuracy in public places.


Maltese – AI Infrared Monitor System

  • Intelligent recognition
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Multiple people detection
  • 100+ people screening/minute
  • Masked faces recognition
  • Fast Response Time ( < 0.5 sec )

Shiba – Portable Thermal Solution

  • RGB and thermal sensor fusion
  • Face mask detection
  • High efficiency and fast response time ( < 0.4 sec )
  • Robust temperature reading (high accuracy < ± 0.5 °C)
  • Temperature screening up to 25 people /minute
  • Immediate trigger of alarms and push notifications

Application Scenario

Airports/Railway Stations
Public Security Administraion
Major Event Security
Shopping Mall