Amazon buys 20,000 vans equipped with ULSee 3D Space Planning tech

(Singapore, 6 Aug 2018) Singtel is pleased to announce its grand launch of FutureNow(FIC)in Singapore aiming to gather experts from various fields to help enterprises accelerate the digitization process and release new growth opportunities. The finance Minister of Singapore, Heng Swee Keat also attended the conference and toured the representative technologies of each sector.

The Finance Minister of Singapore Heng Swee Keat attended the launch of FIC

“Singtel is working hard to boost cooperation between telecom market and SMEs to further promote digitalization and innovation and contribute to innovation and economic transformation.”said Heng Swee Keat. “I believe that,in an era of rapid technological change, innovation is the key for countries, companies and individuals to continue to create value.”

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat(center)using augmented reality technology to view oil and gas refineries at Singtel Futurenow Innovation Center.

FIC is divided into six sections: trade and connectivity, manufacturing, basic domestic services, modern services, building environment and lifestyle. Among them, Singtel showed ULSee’s Super Resolution technology to Minister Heng Swee Keat in the trade and connectivity sectors.

Currently, it is difficult to identify license plate or drivers ID since the existing surveillance cameras have low quality images. Integrated with the surveillance system, ULSee Super Resolution allows surveillance cameras to capture high quality images in 0.1 second.

Singtel introduced ULSee Super Resolution to Heng Swee Keat

By systematically processing a large number of video surveillance feeds, ULSee technology helps cities build smart traffic system, enhance monitoring effectiveness and minimize the operation cost and human involvement for government without replacing any hardware.

Before Super Resolution
After Super Resolution

In 2017, ULSee’s Super Resolution surpassed other companies in speed and accuracy, and was rated the most efficient solution at the annual Ntire competition.

This technology can not only apply to security monitoring, but also to drones, HD live broadcasts, and TV resource refurbishment. Moreover, data shows that more than 80% of current online audio and video content of the market is under 720p and the cost of storage and bandwidth for live broadcast platform accounts more than 33% of the total cost. ULSee Super Resolution technology guarantees the maintaining or improving quality of the video while reducing the size. This can also decrease operating costs of the TV station, online video platform and live broadcast industry, while users can watch more HD material in the smart devices.

Before:Low quality(250×300)
After:High quality(500×600)

Furthermore,Singtel demonstrated their data fusion platform and solution for home intelligence. “FIC will showcase various technologies and systems that can be used in various industries for companies and government agencies including cloud, software definition networks, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), network security, IoT , Robotics and 5G in the near future”, said Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel.

Through Singtel’s regional business, cooperative companies can visit more than 650 million mobile consumers in Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

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